The simple way creatives can navigate through fear

If you’ve ever come up with a great idea, and then pushed it back down again, feeling like it’s all just too much for you to cope with, then you’ll want to understand how creativity really works. We all tend to live in the illusion that people out there ‘creating’ do it easily because the inspiration just ‘comes to them.’  Well, I’m a creative entrepreneur – and let me tell you, whilst I’m always full of amazing ideas, I still get fearful of actually putting them out into the world, and can feel overwhelmed at times.

There are so many ideas about how to ‘unleash your creative side’ out there, so many “how to’s” and theories on how you can become more creative.  You don’t want to go through another 10 step plan as to how you can become better, so what if I told you that you already are the most creative being you could ever be, and there’s simply nothing to do in order to unleash that, but understand how life really works?  And whilst ‘understanding how life really works’ sounds like a huge task, that isn’t really that difficult either?!

Understanding How Life Really Works

Let’s start with the juicy stuff!  Let me introduce you to some principles I like to call Transformational Truths.  I have been on a journey back to my truth for several years, travelling the globe to learn more about life, and how we can show up as who we really are.  Along my way, I heard something really profound, which really changed my life, and now I share these principles to help people make sense of life.

Thought in the Moment: Our Inside-Out Reality

Firstly, as humans, we operate entirely via thought in the moment.  Our entire reality is created from our own thinking about the world.  Just like clouds in the sky, passing by, we are always seeing the thinking we are experiencing, whilst the truth is really in the sky underneath the clouds.    If we are creative, it is because we are having creative thinking, if we are sad, it is because we are having sad thinking.  Our entire reality, in this way, is not outside-in as we expect, but inside-out.

Whilst we spent our whole lives learning that the external could impact us (outside-in), this is not true because it is only how we think about the external that changes how we feel (inside-out).  Our creative feelings come from our own thinking about creativity!  It is the same with all of life.  All we have to do is unlearn thousands of years of conditioning (no biggie – really we simply need to understand more about this truth!).

We Live in the Feeling of our Thinking: Our Creative Clarity is Underneath

Secondly, our experience of life totally comes from our thinking.  We are living in the feeling of our thinking, moment to moment, which is constantly changing in every second.  In this way, our thinking isn’t fixed, as we tend to think it is – it is always transforming.  In one moment we might look at something one way and the next we might look at the same thing entirely differently; we might be excited about an idea, and then we might be fearful about an idea.  This is our feeling changing along with our thoughts.  Once we understand that this is how life works – that our feelings come from our thinking – all we have to do is sit back and notice this happening!

When we do this, we realise that our truth isn’t really in our thinking – but underneath the thinking.  Under all of what we think is a wisdom – a clarity – that is accessible to all of us, whenever we like.  As soon as we see that we are not what we think, everything begins to drop away, leaving only our truthful, innately perfect, whole and creative nature underneath.

There’s an Intelligence Behind Life

Thirdly, I refer to us as ‘humans’ because we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  Whilst people experience different thinking about what ‘spirituality’ means, there is often one truth that is mutual – that there is an intelligence behind life that is bigger than ourselves (whether that be nature, spiritual energy, life force, universal mind, wisdom or whatever it means to you!).  It makes sense that this ‘something greater’ seems glorified, but the truth is that we are actually all part of this universal intelligence.  You’ve heard the saying “the universe has your back:” well, it couldn’t be truer!  Underneath all of our human thinking and feeling, we are all part of this same universal energy.  We are never disconnected, and we are all part of the same energetic pool of creation.  Therefore, we aren’t separate – which means that we all have the infinite capacity to be just as creative as each other, because we are one big creation!

So, how does all of this play out in our creative process?

Even Our Creative ‘Diversions’ Show Our Capacity for Creative Thinking

You see, the implications that this has for the creative process is that creation can be ‘exciting’ or it can be ‘draining;’ ultimately, it’s all in the thinking we have about the creativity.  If we believe that creativity is difficult, then it will be difficult.  If we believe that creativity is easy, then it will be easy.  You think that’s obvious, right?

But, what if, contrary to the popular positive affirmations, I told you it isn’t about forcing the beliefs about creativity to be positive (because in my mind that just leads to more ‘failure’ thinking when you don’t believe the affirmations!).  Instead, it’s simply about understanding how we as humans are always living in the feeling of our thinking, and all we have to do is sit back and observe our thinking, knowing that our thoughts are JUST thoughts!

I started a project recently to film a video.  Initially I was so excited, coming up with ideas, but then I suddenly started experiencing thinking that I didn’t really know why I was bothering – who wanted to hear from me anyway?!  The usual “I am not enough” thinking came in.  If I didn’t understand the principles behind life – that we are always operating via thought in the moment – then I might have given up.  That is what I would have done in the past.  Instead, now, I know that this is just transient thought, which will pass – all by itself.  There is nothing to do but notice our thinking and it will fall away.

What’s more, our ability to create such ‘false’ thinking about ourselves that we are ‘not enough’ (oh yes, I create wonderful stories about who I am in my head, all the time!) shows the creative capacity of our brains – that we can also be so imaginative about ways of getting out of being inspired!

Habitual Distractions and Resistance are Just Ego Saying “Don’t be Too Shiny”

Now, the other thing that often happens when we are in our creative power, is that chaos ensues!  This is the point at which I often feel my creative process struggles, as I drift in and out of creative ideas and then create dramas in my thoughts that prevent me from carrying them through!

I’ll give you an example.  I booked my filming, and then all of a sudden, I started thinking about my relationships with people and inventing dramas.  I sat in this, and watched it unfold in my thinking and realised that this diversion is just because our ego wants to keep us safe.  In this way, our clever human egos prevent our greatness by diverting us away from our true creative potential and helping us to hide. Resistance and distraction is only ego saying “don’t be too shiny!” And, yet, we are shiny by our true nature; we just think we aren’t!

We all have our distractions and, often, ‘habitual’ thinking and resistance is there just to keep us ‘safe.’  Resistance is part of the nature of change; but what we don’t see as we are resisting and trying to stay safe is that change is always happening anyway.   It’s only another illusion of our thinking that we are ‘not evolving’ all the time, or that we need anything extra to what we already have in order to change.  It is all thought in the moment.  We are always changing and moving forward, and therefore always creating!  There is no such thing as standing still.

What’s more is that we are always ‘looking’ for our comfort zone, to stay well within it, but the truth is, our ‘comfort zone’ doesn’t even exist outside of our own thinking!  If our realities are entirely thought-created, how can it?  There is no comfort zone; it is an illusion.

So, when the illusion of our comfort zone is smashed, where do we go?  We go where we have always gone; we keep living life, only this time, we bask in the beautiful awareness of our boundless creative potential, having a new consciousness of our illusionary thinking that we aren’t creative, knowing that underneath everything, we have infinite capacity to create whatever we wish!

And when we forget – which we inevitably will – we just keep living life, even when we don’t really know where we are going!  Why?

Life is Expressed Through Us: We are Magical Stardust!

Well, we keep living life because there is a universal energy, greater than us, which is guiding us.  We are always exactly where we need to be.  We will create exactly what we need to create in any one moment.

In this way, life is expressed through us – we are all part of the same creative life force energy and we can play with life in any way we want to, whether that is that we want to paint art, become an entrepreneur, dance on stage, or fly to the moon!  We are innately capable, magic little miracles and anything is possible!  We can’t not be, because we are part of the intelligence of life!  We can just let it – and our thinking – flow, trusting that we are where we need to be, and knowing our clarity is under our thinking.

Ultimately, creativity is about seeing how really life works in this way, and simply understanding the process.  There’s a balance between letting it happen through us, and seeing opportunities that have been sent to us for when we can make it happen.  We don’t need to know the bigger plan.  All we need to know is that we are innately capable, magical stardust souls.  When we remember that, we remember we can create in any way we want!


Nicole x

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